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What is the use of the front and rear triangular windows of the car? Why do you say it is the most expensive piece of glass in t

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1. The front door triangular window, the common one is the triangular window design between the front door front beam and the A-pillar. Now there are many cars that are directly retained on the front door, which is a triangular glass. The front door triangular window plays a very large role in order to expand the driver's view of the side of the vehicle; reduce the blind spot.
2. There are also two types of rear door triangular windows. One is installed on the back door, and is usually installed with a sealing strip. The design of the rear door triangular window is mainly from the perspective of aesthetic design, in order to make the whole car look more beautiful and harmonious; it can also reduce the manufacturing difficulty of the rear door glass lifting, the size of the glass is used by the triangular window, so that the glass is moving up and down. It will be smoother. Another role is to provide a better view and daylight for the rear seat.
It is well known that triangular structures have very high structural strength and stability. However, if only the C-pillar is used as the structural support alone, the structural strength of the vehicle body will be reduced to some extent.
Of course, one of the advantages of a model with a triangular window is that it looks more beautiful and more versatile than a car without a triangular window. However, if your car key is unfortunately in the car, don't go to the triangular window, it is really expensive.