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Does the car have a skylight or no skylight?

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The car sunroof can be said to be the most versatile configuration of the car. In the early days, the car sunroof was also a high-profile logo, and many cars are now standard.
Advantages of the car sunroof:
Stylish and beautiful, highlighting the grade
Close to nature, bathe in the sun
Breathing air to improve the interior environment
Cooling energy saving
Noise reduction and defogging
Disadvantages of the skylight:
The first is the economic problem. Whether you choose a car with a sunroof or an additional sunroof, you need to pay more money. You must measure whether the above advantages will make you willingly pay more.
It is a possibility that everything has a bad effect. If you add a sunroof, you will have more problems with repair and maintenance that need to be considered. If there is a problem with the sealing of the sunroof, it may cause water in the car when it rains. ready. Of course, if you can do regular maintenance measures, these losses can be avoided!