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What is the use of the car sunroof, why is there only a panoramic sunroof?

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    First of all, the design and function of the skylight is for lighting. In order to make the car have better light, the sunroof can be used to replenish the light inside the car. Drivers who like the sun will like the skylight, but many drivers don’t like the bright driving view, so the skylight is driving. Will compare the chicken ribs.
    In addition, the ventilation and ventilation function of the sunroof has an advantage over four windows. When the sunroof is opened, it meets the needs of ventilation and ventilation. However, if it is cold or windy, it will also be too fast. It feels that the wind outside the window is on the face, very cold and even cold. Only when the temperature is warmer, the entire ventilation process of the sunroof is more comfortable for the passengers inside the car. Nowadays, the summer is coming soon. Open the sunroof and change the air temperature. When the air conditioner is not needed, the temperature inside the car can be lowered. When the car is driven, the car is stuffy and hot. It is very uncomfortable to drive.
In the winter, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is very large, the window is very easy to fog, affecting the view of the car. At this time, if the sunroof is opened, it will not be very cold, and it can quickly remove the fog.
    Driving on a noisy road, opening the skylight can help reduce noise inside the car and prevent exhaust gas from entering the car. At this time, the air quality inside the car is obviously due to the enclosed car.